Blocked a Bit Poem


Up in the clouds

Once upon a time there was a world, far, far away. Above the world, in the clouds, was a kingdom ruled by iman. This iman was a cleaver fellow for he had observed, over time, the obsession that people had with immediate gratification and how the technology made it easier to indulge in this. The problem people had was that they were too busy to turn their work, photos and other items into a physical property. They were so preoccupied with moving on to the next picture or work that they had forgotten about their past efforts and this made the technology go haywire as the technology could not handle the amount of data it took to keep the memories. People became frustrated. This was until iman offered to the people of the world to send their precious moments and information up to the clouds for safe keeping. “My friends, send me your photos, your work! I promise to keep it safe and have it accessible to you so you need not worry… for I am iman and I will share the love from the heavens!” At first the people laughed at him and this made him angry. Slowly, however, they listened and reluctantly sent up their family photos, contracts and other information to the clouds. The iman was pleased and he built great towers in the clouds to hold the information. Only the iman had the key to release the worlds history. Years went by and the iman had accumulated the entire populations information and pictures, for the people had total shared trust in the iman. It was now time for him to take over the world below. He contacted the Heads of each State and made bargains with them using his information as clout. Finally, when the people began to try and retrieve their photographs and other important documents, they were at a loss. No one was able to produce evidence of a time before the present. Fighting began amongst the people because doubt was the flavor of the day and liar was the name of every person as there was no proof otherwise. Finally, the world became a world of very few and the iman peered down with great satisfaction as he looked at each document and photo of those who had perished. iman held the past in his hands, the present at is finger tips and the future in his smile.

story  and illustration by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt copyrigt 2016

My Garden Grows…

My Garden grows with the help of the Honey Bee. One of a series of photographs, a reflection of a collage made with my various images, created to draw awareness to the decline of the Honey Bee world wide. It was important for me to capture the globe shape as it represents the global impact of dwindling honey bee population.The petals above shoot out like the sun and the light coming forth from the east represent a new day,,,perhaps one where we can change the future of this valuable insect.

Two Suns- A Diptych of Days End by Chery Elich-Krumpelt

A photographic diptych….a photograph that uses two different or identical images side by side to form one single artistic statement..A diptych is accepted as one photograph in many competitions but a description is almost always asked for when entering. The following is my description, in 400 characters or less, of this diptych titled Two Suns- A Diptych of Days End: 
Peering out of the window of a 747, I watched as the sun was setting, taking for granted the day behind me and the beauty of the scene. It was just another sunset, everyone photographs sunsets-it isn’t original. Then I realized that every sunset, like everyday, is unique and deserves to be preserved in ones memory.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! The Chinese year of the monkey….

It is officially 2016 but the Chinese Zodiac New Year is yet to come.This year it falls on February 8, and will be welcoming in the Year of the Monkey.The Chinese New Year always starts between late January and mid-February and each year is represented by a different animal.There are 12 animals in total and this year is the Red Fire Monkey’s year.
I painted this fella, years ago, in oil on canvas from my imagination during a difficult time in my life! I always said that this painting represented my “getting the monkey off my back”!!! The word Singe is French for monkey and Queue is French for tail.
I Hope all of your monkeys leave or have left your back this 2016 and you have a fabulous year!!!!! CHEERS!!!