The Faithful Scout by Cheryl Elich, Faith Full poem by C.E.K Nelson (aka cheryl elich krumpelt Nelson)


Waiting for the return.

Given this day

Our daily hope…


Scouting the wondering hearts,

Looking for the faithful.


A promise left behind

Of the material sign

Bearing witness to the faithful.


Though art forlorn 

Left behind to mourn,

Until the return

Fills the faith full.

               C.E.K  Nelson


I created this poem and oil on canvas painting in order to depict Christian’s waiting for the return of Christ. It also illustrates our need as humans,and for that matter animals, to grasp on to something more than ourselves, a higher power. This “faith” in something or someone that/who gives us a sense of hope. We are always searching for the next, the higher power, the answer. Might we not find it within ourselves- perhaps our faith is already full … A material sign may not need to exist for proof or a promise of fulfillment. We must take care not to put too much faith in the material and the political or our faith may loose it’s way.


The painting: the horse waits patiently for the human to return. The material sign is the hat which represents the cross and all that Christ has left behind and or what we put our faith in ….perhaps material items that leave us empty or humans that disappoint. The look on the horses face shows concern and pain… The horse is looking, searching. Is the horse loosing faith, has he been waiting a long time? How long must he wait for the return? Will there be a return or is it just a hat on the ground? 


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