Computers by C.E.K Nelson, illustration by author(aka- Cheryl Elich Krumpelt- Nelson)

Being alone
But not so lonely…
Computer bound
It’s very homey-
False friendships made
Human contact saved-
To my screen I am a slave.
Fear infests like viruses
Of human kind in isolation-
Our society has made this separation.
No touch, no talk and no inflection….
This e-mail was really
Not my intention!
C.E.K. Nelson

Although technology has brought the world closer, in many ways, we are all more separated than before. We have become isolated from each other… it is ironic that one of the most popular technology product lines starts with “I” – it is only “I” , alone … Separated from our fellow being… Separated from what is real. Technology is very useful, don’t get me wrong! And there are many positive ways in which to utilize  technologies resources. However, too many of us hide behind the screen to avoide reality and each other. I feel this creates a fearful society. Fear is our biggest threat… Our biggest enemy. We can’t really know and love our neighbor if we can not see them, feel them, touch them.

It struck me as odd when my bank started to charge extra to do business at the teller window. They were trying to direct customers to the ATM for banking needs. No longer could one have face to face contact with a human- technology replacing us all, one by one.  How sad, that we can not even foster a relationship with our local business and it’s people- they become unknown! In turn, the unknown becomes an object(s) of fear  and fear creates isolation, intolerance, anger and anxiety- a vicious circle.

The illustration: I did this using color pencil about 17 years ago when personal computers and monitors were larger. The computer man is walking the line of separation. The other computer people below are waiting for the connection or for him to fall.


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