Poem title: Wine on Monday by C.E.K.  Nelson, painting by author

God bless vino
It makes me feel very fino
Pain is gone from me- no
And I can see very keeno.
-C.E.K. Nelson

People who read this poem chuckle and say “that’s cute ” and I would agree until I started writing this blog. I never knew why I wrote this poem, thinking that perhaps it was a reflection on my own loose love of the reformed grape. I now realize that this poem has more to do with the not so cute subject of alcoholism which hinders so many… including a member of my family. At times,we turn a blind eye to this disease that cripples the person we love because we are afraid to loose them -that is until we actually loose them to the liquid crutch and they can no longer see very keeno. The pain an acholic is experiencing on the inside, after several beverages, manifests itself on the outside and inflicts others like poisonous venum. Relationships are destroyed. The alcoholic’s feelings of pain are magnified and they are given courage through alcohol to lash out without the notion of consequence. And still … The pain is gone from me- no!

The painting: I painted this with oils on canvas. The title is Vino Malto Buono.

Visit http://www.cherylelich.etsy.com
to see more of my art.


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