The Plague by C.E.K. Nelson, illustration by Author( Cheryl Elich Krumpelt-Nelson)

This poem is my responce to what I witness on a daily biases in our society ….our lack of awearness for people and surroundings… whether dropping off my child at school, standing in line at the grocery store or at a restaurant watching people sitting across from each other focused on their cell phones-totally oblivious to the person they are with.

The German word gesundheit actually means – keep your germs to yourself so as you don’t get me sick.

Illustration: I created this original illustration in Adobe illustrator. The person has been struck ill by the plague of narcissism. Although this person has contracted narcissim, as with most illnesses, he can recover… As can our society if we just recognize our illness and start to take our medicine of kindness and consideration.


2 thoughts on “The Plague by C.E.K. Nelson, illustration by Author

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  2. C.E.K. Nelson Post author

    Reblogged this on c.elich krumpelt nelson (c.e.k. Nelson) and commented:

    I wanted to repost this poem in order to remind myself how much my attitude has changed towards our society , in entirety, as result of the WordPress community. Being a member of WordPress has opened my heart and allowed me to realized the wonderful talent and the desire of others to share and make better our world! True, there is much narsasisim but like ying and yang, there is much selflessness that lives in the hearts of many if not more. I feel that the pendulum is swinging towards a new understanding and wonderful awareness! I am excited to be able to have the opportunity to watch at least the first chapter of this unfold. There are still many obsticals, however we are human, and we CAN over come them, together! Have faith and be positive, keep posting and smile!


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