Comment on Credit Crunch by C.E.K Nelson

Unfortunately, without realizing it, we Americans are just modern day indentured servants. Our monthly credit card statements dictate the choices we make and how we live. Easy money is hard labor, debt is a downer. Enticing credit card offers arrive daily at my home to my college age daughter- we promptly discard them… teaching our children that cash is king is an entirely new concept as is living within ones means. Plastic is not as fantastic as it seems!!! Cheers! C.E.K. Nelson

Painting: my original oil on canvas painting depicts what we associate with and as- gambling. Do we not realize that we are all playing at the economic gambling table, loosing the chips, hand by hand. Title of painting: Gamble, Gambol. The king and queen represent  the sovereign credit card and banking industry. The male and female are the  ying and yang of sovereignty- on one hand, through them, we have power- buying power. On the other hand, we are subject to their condition and rules. The chips represent those who are in debt – some are blue and stable, enjoying the benifits given to them by the royalty. The red chips are “in the red”, disillusioned by their debt demise. The green table is the kingdom in which the sovereignty rules. Chips who fall off the table, fall into darkness…. Which is more appealing, darkness or debt?Image


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