Conversation of Expectation by C.E.K. Nelson, oil painting by author

I am not opposed to the “sport of kings”…  horse racing can be beautiful, the ultimate illustration of human and animal working as a team, in essence, becoming one. Most sports today are business and horse racing is no exception. Like many business ventures, this sport has been exploited and manipulated by those involved for the sake of greed, without regard to the athlete… The horse. The horse can not speak for himself. If a horse as a lobbyist entered the arena, what would be spoken- nay be the sayer against the dollar . There are the activists that fight against “big business” for the welfare of the less fortunate. Why do we always expect the government to be our moral compass, pointing us to the direction of moral or possible inmoral actions without giving much thought to the action. We use the the White House as our scape goat. Why shouldn’t we expect more from our fellow human, big business or not, to conduct themselves and rein their venture with moral responsibility.  A sad STATE of affairs. Most people know the difference between right and wrong. There are many ways to get to the finish line without exploiting the innocent and eventually coming in first- it is called karma.

A note: thank you to those involved in horse racing who consider the welfare of the athlete… The horse.

The painting: oil on canvas Painted by me. The title- Derby Horse Pep Talk. This was a tough one for me to paint. I felt the hand of the trainer touching the horse was of most importance. It shows the relationship between human and horse. The human’s hand seems almost surreal, God like. The colors on the horse’s neck, where he is being touched, represent the spectrum of emotional response to the human-fear, excitement, comfort, trust, calm etc. it is ironic that the horse can feel so much and many times the human counterpart feels so little towards the horse- but for the horse’s monetary value or contribution. The number 2 is significant as this is the age of the thoroughbred horse when competing in racing. There are those who argue that the 2 year old is not fully developed – bones and body can not withstand the stress of the track- this leads to the many leg injuries and early retirement/ most times slaughter of the race horse. Waste, indeed, for the sake of greed.


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