Proverbs of Peace by C.E.K. Nelson, painting by author

Please click on image to read poem and view painting.

There is much anger and confusion in the United States right now. An internal conflict that for some, seems to have been resolved years ago but for many the struggles are real and the fight for equality continues to be a haunting endeavor. Perhaps instead of pointing figers at at each other, we should turn our eyes towards the laws that bind us to a system of rules and regulations that cause our decision making process to be skewed in a way that disagrees with our moral sence ability. Anger towards each other and the races that we belong to, only take us steps back to a place where no one wants to go. Resolving issues can only be done together, as one America. The waves of change are coming… Only we can decide as a group whether the change is peaceful.

The painting: I created this original painting with acrylic paint on paper. In Christianity, the fish represents Christ and peace. The two fish are swimming in opposite directions, representing opposing views but they are both fish, why not swim together?


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