My original oil on canvas painting, Derby Trifecta, was a definite exercise in perseverance! For one month, I painted and pondered, the closer I got to finishing, the more time I spent on the couch scanning every detail….searching for imperfections. I didn’t really like where I was going with my work and I was ready to put it aside for another day. But, any artist will tell you about their art that they intended to finish, it just ends up in a pile of canvases in the corner of a room, collecting dust for years. Forgotten and never to see it’s full potential. With this knowledge of what might become of my paint stroked canvas, I pushed forward, closing my eyes, trying desperately to feel what was inside of me and to pull it out in paint. At one point, after a mad artist’s moment of frustration, I made a conscious decision to continue as a student of the painting instead of a master of it. I resourced my book from the Louvre and studied the paintings. I discovered that I had forgotten about the light! Light is what casts the mood, the emotion. I also realized that not every piece of art is a success in the eyes of the creator-it is all subjective. But that doesn’t mean that you can not take much good from the experience of producing it and finishing. Accomplishment, it is all about perseverance. And in the end, I decided that I liked the result…thank goodness I finished! Good luck and Cheers!!!

The Painting: Title, Derby Trifecta. Original oil on canvas. This was very difficult to paint as it is a large close up of action and emotion. I took this as a challenge and with every stage during the painting’s transformation, I learned so many lessons about color, light and strokes. This painting has many layers. Starting with yellow and immediately followed by long strokes of wild color- perhaps the interior spirit or emotions of the horses. Racing is a very emotional sport involving a long winded bond between human and animal. The horse works so hard for the human, fighting for position… how can one ever capture that? I tried and you see my interpretation of that exciting moment in finishing!

An Exercise in Perseverance-Poem by C.E.K. Nelson,Oil Painting, Derby Trifecta, by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt


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