My Grandmother's Table by C.E.K. Nelson, Illustration by author

I never really but much stock into receiving material items from relatives, mostly I was irritated at the chore of finding a place to put the unwanted hand-me-downs; furniture and chachkies. Ultimately, they would end up in the basement or a corner, forgotten. That was until those people started to disappear, pass on. I realized that all I had left of my former loved ones were the possessions that they touched, that were part of their daily lives. These “things” became monuments to a past that created me, reminders of moments I hold dear to my heart. I look at my grand mothers table and chairs – that now holds court in my dinning room. I see her sitting in the dining room chair reading the news paper with a pink house coat and rollers in her hair- ” hello darling” her voice would sing as I walked into her dinning room, bright and sunny as was her disposition. Many other items from my “passed” relatives grace my home- they have found their rightful place and are displayed with much love and dignity- just as they deserve, just as their former owners would have done. Now I touch these things, creating new memories, layers of memories on objects for new generations. I am glad I have them! Cheers!


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