Accepted! Duo Tone Vignette, oil on canvas painting by Cheryl ELich-Krumpelt

I am pleased to announce that my oil on canvas painting, Duo Tone Vignette, has been accepted into the prestigious 85th Grand National Exhibition 2013 New York, NY- Salmagundi Club- American Artists Professional League. The exhibition will be shown online October 5th through December 30th, 2013.
Prints of this painting are available through
Please note that the copyright water marks are not part of the actual painting and are present for the purpose of protection of artist’s rights only.

Shared from American Artists Professional League Web site, copyright American Artists Professional League:


To advance the cause of the fine arts in America, through the promotion of high standards of beauty, integrity and craftsmanship in painting, sculpture and the graphic arts.
To emphasize the importance of order and coherent communication as prime requisites of works of art through exhibitions and publications.


In January 1928, F. Ballard Williams, Assistant Treasurer of the National Academy of Design in New York, called a meeting of fifteen members of the Salmagundi Club. The purpose: to discuss the need for a national organization to meet the increasing interests in traditional realism in American art. Most attending were prominent academicians of their day. The attendees all agreed that an organization designed to protect artists’ interests and promote traditional American art was necessary and The American Artists Professional League (AAPL) was born.
Early Efforts

The AAPL first focused on the issue of obtaining commissions of official portraits for American Artists. By using its national stature, the AAPL influenced a rider to a Congressional Bill stipulating that all official portraits paid for with taxpayers’ dollars were to be painted by American artists, a fact that remains in effect to this day.

Another milestone for the organization was the improvement of the chemical and physical purity of artists’ pigments. By securing a fund from the Carnegie Corporation Endowment Fund, a program of color pigment research was established for the AAPL. It was completed in 1932, making the AAPL the country’s leading authority on artists’ pigments at that time. The AAPL was also instrumental in establishing and securing the U.S. Bureau of Standards original set of government-sponsored standards for artists’ colors, updated in 1962.

National Art Exhibition

In its ongoing effort to promote and encourage artists specializing in realistic art forms, the AAPL has staged a Grand National Exhibition for over 83 years. Each year, hundreds of applicants from all 50 states in all media submit their work for review by a selection committee consisting of professional artists in the fields of oil, watermedia, pastel and graphics and sculpture.

The American Artists Professional League
47 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003
Telephone: 212-645-1345
Fax: 212-792-2275


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