The Privacy Act by C.E.K. Nelson, illustrtaion by author

We sign the privacy documents at the doctors office, we sign papers to allow our kids photos and information to be used at school, we make purchases online -giving out credit card info…we protect our privacy with laws but yet we put our lives out there for almost anyone to see… it is not that hard to find out about someone, most of the time all you have to do is pay a small fee and you have access for 48 hours, so goes the advertisement that pops up on your screen because the advertiser has your demographic information and knows what you like. Life today goes by the open door policy. Cheers!

Illustration: I created this illustration in Photoshop on my laptop using my finger on the pad. It is meant to be crude and disturbing as is the topic in which it depicts. The door holds a Privacy please sign, yet the door is slightly open, inviting anyone to enter… where is the privacy in that. With the recent discussions in the US about privacy and the government’s invasion of our privacy, one has to wonder how much we truly value our personnel information if we are willing to display our lives on the internet? We are torn between the convenience of filling our egos and our privacy- is our desire to keep our lives to ourselves just an act?


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