Closed Today by C.E.K. Nelson

Closed Today

Closed today, the USA, it is a price we are forced to pay or the ceiling Will blow away, by debt filled winds, on balance , off balance both parties want to play the game, of chicken speeding towards each other, head on who will step aside who will lay down their policy pride, no one because there is no fear when you sit on a king’s hill dictating the words, listen to the sound, of no voices negotiating bouncing against the walls in the halls, dead silence, a dead ringer, secrets, there is no associating with the opposing clan there are no ideas to be formulated, the stand off presides, there is no victory, leaders stand by, directly, as the unfortunate sighs oh what relief and the fortunate cries damm help do not continue your success, let the leaders clean up this mess lay down and take what isn’t yours so the story goes but hark, who really knows, we are counting on the selected with our faith, elected.

– C.E.K. Nelson


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