The Race by C.E.K. Nelson, oil on paper painting by author

The Race

All you little people,
look up to where I stand.
Listen to my lies,
while I take your freedom
with one hand.
With the other,
I point a finger,
At my scapegoats who pull the trigger.
Now read my lips,
I am not to blame
for the United States
of questionable fame.
Those in the past
who played with cigars,
and many others
Who acted like Czars.
Waters gates did open up,
To allow great floods to corrupt.
Like the Katrina’s
in our world,
her skirt caught in the twirl
of FEMA’s compromising swirl.
Hunger for war,
starving men,
can’t wait for the battle to begin
in distant lands,
to control
the puppets on the Capitol.
And then there is the health care plan,
Dealt by none other than
Uncle Sam’s hand…
Debiting us in deep depression,
clothed over by false recession.
Is it a wonder that
Our innocence dies,
dependent on
a slew of lies?
Spending Lincoln to disgrace,
creating a currency of false face.
No one,
not any party,
will ever win
this race.
– C.E.K. Nelson

Not one party is to blame, we are in this together… so let’s work hand in hand on continuing to bring to fruition our forefathers vision- we must not forget that our country is GREAT and that we, the people make it that way! Stand tall, America, let the politicians see US above the bureaucracy- we desire to be successful, independent, sympathetic, helpful, strong- a nation of many people who are represented by parties ELECTED by us. Every party is important, they create checks and balances in our system…just as every American is different and important- let us remember that, in the end, we are ALL fighting for freedom! Cheers!


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