Ceremony of The Single Rose, Poem by C.E.K. Nelson, illustration by author

Being a single women today is very difficult! Navigating online dating services, cruising happy hour, signing up for a co-ed sport that you don’t even like and abiding by the unspoken corporate law of “never ever date a co-worker” And then you meet him, he is perfect, you better show him how perfect, right?? NO! There is one concept that seems women have forgotten about…memory loss probably tracing back to the 1960’s era of free love, “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free???” Sex is fun, free and easy in these times of “hanging out”, no dinner and a movie required to get down and dirty. And why did he not call me the next day??? Look at all of those rich celebs, they dress for sex, exhibit it with abandon and it works for them… even if they end up being “baby mama” with no “ring on it”, they seem to have it all? Or do they? “Giving it up” doesn’t always equate to a relationship, even in these desperate times of singleness. Be proud of who you are, respect yourself and you will probably attract many or be single, that is your choice. Deciding who you are and what you want is freedom…freedom to BE!

Illustration: I created this illustration using acrylic paints on paper and my own imagination.


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