Mohammad The Scorpio Poem and Strett Photography

His face, it captured my attention as I strode by on a city sidewalk. Ten feet later, I stopped and turned around, haunted by the vision of a most wonderful image that could be imagined by my lens. I offered this kind man compensation for some photos of him. He replied with a struggling voice, “sure, I’m not going anywhere” as he sat cross legged on the busy sidewalk next to a red fire hydrant. His belongings gathered near to him as was a simple but beautifully sculptured wood walking cane. I asked him some questions, he offered an almost toothless smile with each response. In the end, I offered my hand as a gesture of respect, he lightly touched my palm as if afraid to touch reality or out of some strange humbled respect of who I was…I just couldn’t tell.


4 thoughts on “Mohammad The Scorpio Poem and Street Photography

  1. mishunderstood

    This brought me to tears…your poem, your story and the photo captures a story, not just a man living on the street. They all have a story. God bless you for taking the time to speak to him.
    I recently posted a poem on the same topic! So glad I stumbled onto your blog. 🙂

    1. C.E.K. Nelson Post author

      His name is Mohammad. He told me that he was born in November, I believe he said the 5th, it was hard to understand him. I said, “oh, you are a scorpio!” and we both laughed!!!


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