The ART of Sculpture as a memorial- 911 memorial, NYC. Photography by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt

Art not only conveys a feeling but it can also document a moment in time, place and the identity of a person or people. Many times throughout history, sculpture has been used to memorialize these pasts that have impacted us in different ways. From the grave stone in a small cemetery to the grand statue of The Lincoln Memorial and the contemporary¬†appearance of the Washington Monument. Visiting the 911 memorial, I was struck by it’s simple yet powerful form. The message was all to familiar. The downward flow of the water into a square hole in the ground that seemed a bottomless pit. Representing the devastating moment in time, massive buildings tumbling down taking with them, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, innocent people. The emotion felt from touching the names engraved around the parameter and the visual, made my stomach turn. Over all, it was an uncomfortable feeling and one which I will never forget!
In the end, these sculptures are meant to remind us of what we lost and to carry that memory forward into our future so that we may build a better and safer place for all.
God bless those who lost their lives on 9-11!


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