Art is contagious…. given a little encouragement!

Art is contagious…. given a little encouragement!
Since my involvement in photography started in fall of 2013, my husband’s interest in capturing moments via his iphone peeked. His day job requires him to travel the world. Throughout his times away from home, he would send me iphone shots that he would capture on his way to a meeting or lunches with captions that would say “What do you think of this picture?”, “I like this one” etc. It was apparent that he was” in-to-it!” The funny thing was, the images were really quite good-I was shocked! He took it a step further when we would go places, and I would stop to shoot a picture, he would try to art direct me-“Look over there, that would be a cool shot!” I kept telling him that he should take photography more seriously as he has a great eye! Of course he pushed back! But, me being the wife, I insisted and we bought him his own camera to take with him on his trips away. As he would bring photos home, I would go through them and tell him that he should to try submitting to a competition and what better way to get your feet wet than start with one of the most well regarded International competitions in the field!!! I finally convinced him/made him submit two images to the International Photography Awards 2015 (IPA)….and look what happen!!! Congratulations Andy!!!! Not bad!!!

Soooo, the moral of the story, if you know someone who has an artistic flare or talent that is not being used, encourage them to develop it and use it! They don’t have to quit their day job, but there is much satisfaction when you create- whether it is photography, a painting, a poem or story…the act of creating is magical and can be therapeutic … good for the soul!! I encourage all of you to find your creative side and share it…because it is contagious… go for it!! Good luck!!


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