Photography, It’s All In The Family…

It’s All In The Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, my husband is not the only photographer in the family…Ah yes, I did receive my fair share of recognition this year from IPA and that announcement is to come! Besides being so excited for my husband, I couldn’t be more happy for my son!!!! He was the master mind behind Water Flowers and our collaboration of photographs were awarded two separate Honorable Mentions for Seasons category and Flowers category! As a mother and artist, I can not tell you what this means. My family puts up with my mess of art projects, stopping to take a photo, the many requests to help out, be a model or hold a prop. Instead of resenting my endeavors, they have embraced the art and taken it as their own! I have inspired two people to explore their creativity…. THAT is what this is all about!! Sharing passions, sharing art and inspiring others to explore a side of themselves that they didn’t know existed!!! Congratulations A. Krumpelt!!! xoxo, Mom!


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