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Honored by both IPA and MIFA! Thank You!

Thank you to The MIFA 2015 (Moscow International Foto Awards and Jurors ( for honoring my work with four Honorable Mentions in the following categories; People-Culture, Fine Art-Collage, Nature-Flowers, Architecture-Interiors. MIFA received thousands of great images from 84 different countries. Entries were judged in Architecture, Advertising, Book, Editorial, Fine Art, Moving Images, Nature, People and Portfolio categories.
MIFA asked the Jury Panel to review each submission based on the following criteria: originality, creativity, composition and most importantly overall impact. The 29 Main Category Winners will be exhibited on 3-10 November in FotoLoft Gallery in Moscow. All other winners will be projected on screen.
Congratulations to ALL of the MIFA 2015 award winners!!…/moscowfotoa…/winners/zoom.php…


Poem and Illustration by Author/Artist-On Legalization of weed

Come on America, you’re smarter than that!!! Sarcasm :Take it from a former leader, just don’t inhale!

Or just don’t

Illustration: I conceptualized and created this illustration in Photoshop, freehand/free finger using a laptop- no stylist or mouse as you can probably tell.

The argument- one hit and you’re feeling it, one drink and you can still think(normally it takes around 45 mins to consume one drink in a social setting).

Copyright 2014 Cheryl elich-krumpelt

Fun Friday Foto-FFF, Photography by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt

This horse is running free but within the boundaries of the fenced paddock, his world has always been confined yet to him, he is free- we do not miss what we do not know! Or, how free are we all, really? Confined within the boundaries of our home, yard, job, community, earth, mind. Perhaps freedom is a state of mind and in that case, this horse seems very free you can see it in his eyes!