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My Garden Grows…

My Garden grows with the help of the Honey Bee. One of a series of photographs, a reflection of a collage made with my various images, created to draw awareness to the decline of the Honey Bee world wide. It was important for me to capture the globe shape as it represents the global impact of dwindling honey bee population.The petals above shoot out like the sun and the light coming forth from the east represent a new day,,,perhaps one where we can change the future of this valuable insect.

A Thousand Words Unspoken- Photography and poem

Update- changed poem from “to contempt to from contempt”

A Thousand words not spoken.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Images can speak volumes for those who can not speak for themselves and it is the photographers/artists job to recognize these instances and document them no matter how painful or risky. Experiencing these scenes made my stomach turn and I was angered… angry at the human that allowed this to happen…angry at myself for being feeling so helpless. And after awhile I thought more about it and realized that the horses weren’t the only victims, the human who caused this is a victim as well. I am sure that this person loved the animals but something must have happened in the person’s life to have caused such travesty-but what I saw was pain. Pain that unfortunately carried over to innocent animals. Please rest assured that I am looking into this situation… it is our duty to identify and help as best we all can in this crazy world!!! God bless!!!!!

A Thousand Words Not Spoken

No Sound
from exhaling breath
heard only by lens
and depth
of perception
the image that speaks
for the unspoken
a thousand words
across a visual
the heart
where daggers pierce the soul
and unkempt, unfinished fiery break
broken by broken beings
a mess of things untangled
and manifest like parasites
on to the obedient
crying out
from voiceless space.
The thousand words are not enough
to lull the master
from contempt
as drums in heaven
announce the sins of neglect. -CEK Nelson(Cheryl elich-krumpelt) copyright 2015 Cheryl elich-krumpelt

Thank You 1650 Gallery- Flower Power 2014 Photography Exhibit

Thank you to juror Andrew Overtoom and 1650 Gallery for selecting my photograph, “Sun On Grandpa’s Farm” for the 2014 Flower Power Exhibit in Los Angeles, CA.. To view the exhibit, please click here:   http://1650gallery.com/flowerpower2014_exhibition.php

Fun Friday Foto, FFF-Photography by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt

Fun Friday Foto, FFF-Please, Pretty Please by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt
I have been studying portrait photographs, trying to figure out what makes a good portrait. They say you must capture the essence of the subject…I say it is all in the eyes!

Fun Friday Foto-FFF, Green Sea Turtle Face of Oahu by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt

I was lucky to come upon two of these wonderful creatures on a beach in Oahu, Hawai’i. The Green Sea Turtle, a member of the endangered species list, feeds on the algae that grows on the rocks near the shore. Occasionally, they will haul themselves up on the sandy beach to bask in the sun as they are cold blooded. They are very large reptiles and can live to eighty years old!

Photo credit: Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt