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Artpoetography series revisited…..

Revisiting my Artpoetography The Take Over photography series inspired by my two poems, Rising Coup and High Coup, speaking to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in China (The Chinese government military, with assault rifles and tanks, inflicted casualties on unarmed civilians trying to block the military’s advance towards Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing)and the economic take over of China over the U.S. in recent years. Still working on developing the series and currently fine tuning this image in Photoshop.

After all these years, finished- taking my own advice.

I had started this painting directly after the Tiananmen Square incident in China but truly never finished. I paired it with my High Coup poem- there, done, so I thought. After writing the Exercise in Perseverence piece, this watercolor on paper spoke to me loud and clear. It is time, you must finish all that you had started. In doing so, I found yet another poem, Rising Coup, from deep with in my subconscious and decided to include it and HighCoup as an actual part of the painting. I hand lettered both poems onto the painting – one would not be complete without the other! This painting is an experiment with words, politics, social injustices and watercolor. The Take Over can mean many things… The coup of government on their own people, a take over of a nation, a coup of economics, etc. The young Chinese fellow wears the red of his country, the blood of his people after Tiananmen Square, a tear drop drips upon his face. And yet, the history of modern China shows another face, one which has gained strength and seems to have bonded with it’s people and rising as a power nation.
Rising Coup

A square,
four corners,
Red Rising.

– c.e.k. Nelson

To read the High Coup poem, please see archives.

High Coup by C.E.K. Nelson, watercolor painting by author

Please click on image to view poem and painting.
Please click on image to view poem and painting.
Whose fault is our jobless sate of affairs? Have other countries taken what is ours or have we recklessly given away the core of what America is-our blue collars-not even white collars can withstand the winds from the East-they have turned gray and dirty with lazy greed. The cost of doing business in China is exorbitant. We have done an injustice to our founding fathers efforts and all who fought relentlessly for our freedom as we are now ruled by the economic fist of yet another foreign country, a Socialist one at that- go figure! America is trapped as the cost of doing business in China has increased with transportation and shipping costs, the increase in their economic welfare creating their demand for higher pay, better infrastructure, higher lifestyles, and the list goes on. As the price that we pay increases and we have no where to turn, our American soil is being snatched up- we are invested fully in the goods and service produced by ” the People’s Republic”. More for less, less for more. Who is the ruler of our domain now?

The painting: I painted this with watercolors on paper directly after the Tiananmen Square disaster. It is a portrait of a Chinese boy proudly and loyally wearing the symbolic red of his country, blood stained with contradictions.