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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! The Chinese year of the monkey….

It is officially 2016 but the Chinese Zodiac New Year is yet to come.This year it falls on February 8, and will be welcoming in the Year of the Monkey.The Chinese New Year always starts between late January and mid-February and each year is represented by a different animal.There are 12 animals in total and this year is the Red Fire Monkey’s year.
I painted this fella, years ago, in oil on canvas from my imagination during a difficult time in my life! I always said that this painting represented my “getting the monkey off my back”!!! The word Singe is French for monkey and Queue is French for tail.
I Hope all of your monkeys leave or have left your back this 2016 and you have a fabulous year!!!!! CHEERS!!!


Thank you MIFA!

Thank you to The MIFA 2015 (Moscow International Foto Awards http://moscowfotoawards.com/) and Jurors (http://moscowfotoawards.com/en/jury-mifa.html) for honoring my work with four Honorable Mentions in the following categories; People-Culture, Fine Art-Collage, Nature-Flowers, Architecture-Interiors. MIFA received thousands of great images from 84 different countries. Entries were judged in Architecture, Advertising, Book, Editorial, Fine Art, Moving Images, Nature, People and Portfolio categories.
MIFA asked the Jury Panel to review each submission based on the following criteria: originality, creativity, composition and most importantly overall impact. The 29 Main Category Winners will be exhibited on 3-10 November in FotoLoft Gallery in Moscow. All other winners will be projected on screen.
Congratulations to ALL of the MIFA 2015 award winners!!


Who Says You Can’t Go Back? Oil on canvas painting by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt

After much frustration with the way my painting was being received, I took another hard look at my work. I knew what was wrong but didn’t want to face it, I believed ” it was what it was”….I can’t go back! But alas, I am the creator and I CAN do what I wish with my creation- If I would like to go back and reengineer my art, I will and I did!! You can go back and make anything better or different!! Don’t be afraid of change-Go for it! Cheers!

Ceremony of The Single Rose, Poem by C.E.K. Nelson, illustration by author

Being a single women today is very difficult! Navigating online dating services, cruising happy hour, signing up for a co-ed sport that you don’t even like and abiding by the unspoken corporate law of “never ever date a co-worker” And then you meet him, he is perfect, you better show him how perfect, right?? NO! There is one concept that seems women have forgotten about…memory loss probably tracing back to the 1960’s era of free love, “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free???” Sex is fun, free and easy in these times of “hanging out”, no dinner and a movie required to get down and dirty. And why did he not call me the next day??? Look at all of those rich celebs, they dress for sex, exhibit it with abandon and it works for them… even if they end up being “baby mama” with no “ring on it”, they seem to have it all? Or do they? “Giving it up” doesn’t always equate to a relationship, even in these desperate times of singleness. Be proud of who you are, respect yourself and you will probably attract many or be single, that is your choice. Deciding who you are and what you want is freedom…freedom to BE!

Illustration: I created this illustration using acrylic paints on paper and my own imagination.

Doggie of the week! Pug at the beach oil on canvas painting and poem

A Doggie Valentine
Pug Love

Distorted folds
of the skin,
hide layers
of desire
from within.
Steaming irons
of passion
cannot cease,
the heart’s
ever deepening crease.
Only love’s
pressing waters
can satisfy
the wrinkled
-C.E.K. Nelson

I had committed myself to posting a Doggie of the week series that includes a poem to accompany my oil on canvas paintings in which I sell personalized prints of. Forcing myself to come up with a verse that has to do with dogs and water or beaches on a weekly bases has proven to be quite the little challenge…a very good exercise!
Painting: this is a fun oil on canvas that I painted. The canvas has more of a linen texture to it. For information on this painting, please go to http://www.doggiesatthebeach.etsy.com

First Lanscape EVER! Oil on canvas painting, Bluegrass Hillside

Phew, it is done!I had never painted a landscape and boy what a challenge it was!! A very technical and detailed painting- I feel like I actually built that barn!! And ….. Mother Nature is so perfect, if one stroke was out of place, you could tell, it just didn’t translate to what it was… Very interesting. It was wonderful to find the light in this and study how light works to create what we actually see!! I painted this from my original photo that I had taken while in Lexington, Ky- thus the blue grass and it really does bloom with a blueish flower- amazing!!!
To see more of my art, please go to: