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The On Going Project…


Poem and Photography by Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt

Walking back from a Bears Game in Chicago. The  fans seemed confused by the loss of their beloved team. The sculpture acted as a place to reflect and loose ones self along the way….







from here to everywhere

no corner to hide

the traffic

of chaos leaves less

than trails

but that of a path

of confusion

floor boards vibrate the songs

of moderate souls

“which way and That” the song repeats

and limbs keep tracking , line after line

lacking perforation for hope

of air

breathing in with each step

exhaling desperately to be recognized

in a crowd

of sameness.

By C.E.K. Nelson/Cheryl Elich-Krumpelt


A Thousand Words Unspoken- Photography and poem

Update- changed poem from “to contempt to from contempt”

A Thousand words not spoken.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Images can speak volumes for those who can not speak for themselves and it is the photographers/artists job to recognize these instances and document them no matter how painful or risky. Experiencing these scenes made my stomach turn and I was angered… angry at the human that allowed this to happen…angry at myself for being feeling so helpless. And after awhile I thought more about it and realized that the horses weren’t the only victims, the human who caused this is a victim as well. I am sure that this person loved the animals but something must have happened in the person’s life to have caused such travesty-but what I saw was pain. Pain that unfortunately carried over to innocent animals. Please rest assured that I am looking into this situation… it is our duty to identify and help as best we all can in this crazy world!!! God bless!!!!!

A Thousand Words Not Spoken

No Sound
from exhaling breath
heard only by lens
and depth
of perception
the image that speaks
for the unspoken
a thousand words
across a visual
the heart
where daggers pierce the soul
and unkempt, unfinished fiery break
broken by broken beings
a mess of things untangled
and manifest like parasites
on to the obedient
crying out
from voiceless space.
The thousand words are not enough
to lull the master
from contempt
as drums in heaven
announce the sins of neglect. -CEK Nelson(Cheryl elich-krumpelt) copyright 2015 Cheryl elich-krumpelt

Thank you to The Barrington Courier Review !

Thank you to The Barrington Courier Review and to writer/reporter Bridget O’Shea for such a wonderful and well written article about my work!!!

Poem and Illustration by Author/Artist-On Legalization of weed

Come on America, you’re smarter than that!!! Sarcasm :Take it from a former leader, just don’t inhale!

Or just don’t

Illustration: I conceptualized and created this illustration in Photoshop, freehand/free finger using a laptop- no stylist or mouse as you can probably tell.

The argument- one hit and you’re feeling it, one drink and you can still think(normally it takes around 45 mins to consume one drink in a social setting).

Copyright 2014 Cheryl elich-krumpelt

Mohammad The Scorpio Poem and Strett Photography

His face, it captured my attention as I strode by on a city sidewalk. Ten feet later, I stopped and turned around, haunted by the vision of a most wonderful image that could be imagined by my lens. I offered this kind man compensation for some photos of him. He replied with a struggling voice, “sure, I’m not going anywhere” as he sat cross legged on the busy sidewalk next to a red fire hydrant. His belongings gathered near to him as was a simple but beautifully sculptured wood walking cane. I asked him some questions, he offered an almost toothless smile with each response. In the end, I offered my hand as a gesture of respect, he lightly touched my palm as if afraid to touch reality or out of some strange humbled respect of who I was…I just couldn’t tell.