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My Garden Grows…

My Garden grows with the help of the Honey Bee. One of a series of photographs, a reflection of a collage made with my various images, created to draw awareness to the decline of the Honey Bee world wide. It was important for me to capture the globe shape as it represents the global impact of dwindling honey bee population.The petals above shoot out like the sun and the light coming forth from the east represent a new day,,,perhaps one where we can change the future of this valuable insect.

Mohammad The Scorpio Poem and Strett Photography

His face, it captured my attention as I strode by on a city sidewalk. Ten feet later, I stopped and turned around, haunted by the vision of a most wonderful image that could be imagined by my lens. I offered this kind man compensation for some photos of him. He replied with a struggling voice, “sure, I’m not going anywhere” as he sat cross legged on the busy sidewalk next to a red fire hydrant. His belongings gathered near to him as was a simple but beautifully sculptured wood walking cane. I asked him some questions, he offered an almost toothless smile with each response. In the end, I offered my hand as a gesture of respect, he lightly touched my palm as if afraid to touch reality or out of some strange humbled respect of who I was…I just couldn’t tell.

Courage to live; a letter to teens, poem by C.E.K. Nelson. Illustration by author

Today, in our society, It seems that teenage suicide is becoming an epidemic. When a family or community is stricken with this horrible event or in many cases, events, fingers are pointed, questions are asked and we frantically search for answers. Many times quick resolutions are applied and act as band aides covering a wound that can not be healed. Why? Whose fault is it? What can the schools do to change it? What can we do to change it? Were drugs involved? Was the pressure too much? Were the parents too hard? Did the friends cause this? Many questions , the answers gone with the passed. Perhaps in this world of NOW, immediate gratification, likes and technology based relationships, it is more difficult to see beyond the NOW. Difficult to see a future and change- the world is moving so fast, that it is not moving at all- emphasis placed on what you are now – this is who you are- but what about the possibilities of who you can become? My community was the victim of six teenage suicides in a matter of 1 1/2 years give or take. My family was and is victim of two suicides. Yes, I say victim because we who are left behind are also the victims. We are left to wonder and live with questions unanswered. One thing I know, that love and encouragement is vital as is a sense of worth and this comes from involvement, touch and care-listening and old fashion ” living with and by the rules”- moral responsibility and understanding. If you know someone who is troubled, please pass this poem on to them or don’t be afraid to ask them what is wrong? How can I help? Or call their parents or an adult who can be trusted. Pray for them and all who left us in their confusion and despair. Tell them that their chapter has not ended. Thank you.

Courage to Live, A letter to Teens

Have the courage to LIVE!
And you will see great things.
For your story has not ended,
each day it just begins.
A new chapter,
you can only count on change.
If today is hopeless
next week,
next month, or year
YOU will reign!
We adults seem so perfect,
we push, we yell.
But just imagine us as teens,
our lives seemed like hell!
We made it through,
we had YOU!
Life is a gift,
we now know,
it is hard getting through
this pony show.
And we do get it!
Times have changed,
times are tough,
everyone has it rough.
So look inside
and love yourself
and know one thing is true-
that life changes every day,

C.E.K. Nelson

Broken, poem by C.E.K.Nelson, illustration by author

All artists experience this more than once, yet always wondering if the wing will heal this time and be strong enough to carry the weight of the imagination when the force of realities gravity pulls so strong.


Inspiration expired.


the broken wing

grounds flight.

One feathered extremity

is not enough

to support

the imagination’s migration

to fruition.

Petty desires,



by words wasted,

artfully crafted



Colorful voices,

not seen,


is the infinite hope,

the determination to fly.

Illustration: done quickly in photoshop with laptop- no guides.

After all these years, finished- taking my own advice.

I had started this painting directly after the Tiananmen Square incident in China but truly never finished. I paired it with my High Coup poem- there, done, so I thought. After writing the Exercise in Perseverence piece, this watercolor on paper spoke to me loud and clear. It is time, you must finish all that you had started. In doing so, I found yet another poem, Rising Coup, from deep with in my subconscious and decided to include it and HighCoup as an actual part of the painting. I hand lettered both poems onto the painting – one would not be complete without the other! This painting is an experiment with words, politics, social injustices and watercolor. The Take Over can mean many things… The coup of government on their own people, a take over of a nation, a coup of economics, etc. The young Chinese fellow wears the red of his country, the blood of his people after Tiananmen Square, a tear drop drips upon his face. And yet, the history of modern China shows another face, one which has gained strength and seems to have bonded with it’s people and rising as a power nation.
Rising Coup

A square,
four corners,
Red Rising.

– c.e.k. Nelson

To read the High Coup poem, please see archives.

Proverbs of Peace by C.E.K. Nelson, painting by author

Please click on image to read poem and view painting.

There is much anger and confusion in the United States right now. An internal conflict that for some, seems to have been resolved years ago but for many the struggles are real and the fight for equality continues to be a haunting endeavor. Perhaps instead of pointing figers at at each other, we should turn our eyes towards the laws that bind us to a system of rules and regulations that cause our decision making process to be skewed in a way that disagrees with our moral sence ability. Anger towards each other and the races that we belong to, only take us steps back to a place where no one wants to go. Resolving issues can only be done together, as one America. The waves of change are coming… Only we can decide as a group whether the change is peaceful.

The painting: I created this original painting with acrylic paint on paper. In Christianity, the fish represents Christ and peace. The two fish are swimming in opposite directions, representing opposing views but they are both fish, why not swim together?

Oil painting that was used to illustrate the poem The Bite,The Byte by C.E.K. Nelson

Painting: Artist-Author of The Bite, The Byte poem. Oil on paper original painting titled, Dancing Souls. This painting was used to create the illustration that accompanies The poem by C.E.K. Nelson. See poem The Bite, The Byte. The artwork illustrates the evolution of pregnancy and the joy it brings causing elation, exhibited through movement. The colors represent the full spectrum of emotion that is felt during the stages of carrying and supporting life. Dancing souls, plural, mother and child dance together as one which they truly are. What a beautiful life!